Covet, Packaging and Branding

Covet is a handbag and accessory line concept. The visual brand identity includes a rotating collection of illustrations and designs for each season, starting with summer's campaign. A digital lookbook compiles all of the styles for the season.



Past Times, Packaging and Branding

Past Times is a brand concept of simple childhood games that have grown up. The quality and make of the physical product is the main focus, with the package design acting as an unobtrusive visual compliment. Games packaged by the brand include: Marbles, Pick-Up Sticks, and Jacks. The branding includes clear container packaging accompanied by information booklets.


Project Overview
This branding project was a collaboration with Division Of/, an award-winning full-service digital agency based in NYC. As the designer I was tasked to create the logo and brand identity for use on their website, print and packaging collateral. This project primarily focused on web-ready design.  

Cockroach Labs is building an open source database that focuses on 3 key ideas: 1) Scalability 2) Survivability and 3) Transactionality. Their goal is to give businesses and apps, of all sizes, a better way to keep their data safe with the least amount of technical hiccups. The database “can’t be taken down”.